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The Kushland Ranger Club is the official web 3.0 community for cannabis users and NFT enthusiasts alike. Rangers arrived to Kushland lead by their fearless leader Commander Kirk. On a mission to pioneer the first ever decentralized cannabis metaverse, Rangers are here to protect and spread the cannabis culture and ideology leading the way for worldwide adoption and acceptance.


Your ranger is 1 of 10,000 unique NFTs living on the Ethereum Blockchain and serves as your access to the Kushland Metaverse. Our community is focused on bridging the gap between the IRL cannabis experience and the digital. 

10,000 Kushland Rangers

There are 10,000 1 of 1 Kushland Rangers available. Each Ranger is a unique combination of hundreds of different attributes. Your Ranger gets you access to a host of metaverse & IRL benefits learn more below.

Fair Mint Price & Launch

Kushland Rangers all mint for a fair price of 0.025 ETH & are sold on a first come first serve basis. Wallets that mint will have a limit of 2 rangers per wallet to prevent hoarding and make it fair for everyone!

A Welcoming Cannabis Community

The Kushland Ranger Club is a welcoming cannabis community for users & enthusiasts looking to be a part of Web 3.0. Join the Rangers today and pioneer the cannabis metaverse with us!

IRL Product Discounts

Becoming a ranger qualifies you for a range of real-world product discounts on the best cannabis & hemp available. Join our community to learn more about how Rangers are staying lifted IRL.

Meet The Rangers

An official look at the Kushland Ranger Club NFT collection. To mint yours, join our discord for the official link. 

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Our discord channel is home to the Rangers. Join us today and be the first to know about project updates, giveaways, and more!

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In order to store your Ranger you'll need a Metamask wallet. Metamask is a safe and secure network for buying ETH and holding your NFTs!


Rangers are minted in exchange for 0.025 ETH. + gas! Use your new Metamask Wallet to get enough ETH to make the transaction.

Mint a Ranger

Mint your Ranger today! You can find the official minting link in our discord channel. Join below to access the link! Happy minting!


Building a web 3.0 platform for the cannabis & hemp industry is no small feat; however, the Kushland foundry is confident that we’ve put together a team of experts in their craft who can bring this dream to fruition. Our collaborators are just as important, Kushland is backed by some of the cannabis & hemp industries leading manufacturers, brands, and creators who are eager to join in building our world!


With 10+ years experience in the cannabis & hemp industry as owner of Wholesale Hemp Suppliers, Eli has proven to be a innovator & leader in every aspect of business taking Kushland from an idea to a reality by Co-founding the project in 2021.


Javon has spent his career in cannabis excelling in sales & managing full-scale manufacturing operations. With a background in blockchain technology, he’s co-founded Kushland and contributed in Deadbearz NFTs as an artist and dev.

Community Manager

Bruno got started in cannabis with marketing and project management. Getting into crypto & NFTs in late 2019, and being one of the first to join the Kushland team as community manager!

Committed Kushland Partners & Brands

Becoming a Kushland Ranger scores you great deals on real-world cannabis and hemp products from industry leading brands & manufacturers. Check out our list of committed partners who’s goal is to provide top tier products for the Ranger Community.